Newspaper & Leadership in Media Courses

Newspaper courses are: Newspaper I, Newspaper II, Newspaper II Honors, Newspaper III, Newspaper III Honors, Leadership in Media I Honors and Leadership in Media II Honors. These courses are independent study style, college level courses with students learning about all the different aspects involved in creating a newspaper such as layout, photography, writing, business, graphic design, current events, reading analysis, and collaboration. 

The Patriot Press is the AFHS Student Newspaper that is published approximately every two weeks. There is also an online newspaper at The Patriot Press, Twitter account @afhspress, and Instagram account afhspatriotpress.

The Newspaper courses are available on Google Classroom.

The Newspaper class Remind is (667)401-8158 and @afhsnews

The instructor for the Newspaper courses is Mrs. Briggs.

Course Application

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